Our Special Laminated Composite Wood (SLC Wood) is made by laminating very thin layers of Oak under enormous pressure and heat. It has an extremely high density and hardness, and since all open fibers of the wood have been pressure filled with resin, there is very little chance of warpage caused by moisture. It holds detail very well and will produce a high shine when polished.

A bokken made from SLC wood will in many cases destroy other weapons made of natural wood. The greatest quality that a SLC bokken has besides its outstanding beauty is its ability to be extremely close in weight / balance to a live blade. We do not recommend the use of an SLC bokken in paired techniques where striking another bokken is called for; the very real possibility of considerable damage to the other weapon is inevitable. When customized, an SLC bokken will be a true one of a kind collectible to be passed down through the generations.

Below is an image of the grain on our SLC Oak. You can click it for a high resolution image.

SLC Bokken.