Komei Jyuku Inro

It is by the special request of Sekiguchi Sensei himself that these special training inro came about. During Sekiguchi Sensei's last visit to the Texas Komei Jyuku, he impressed upon the Bukikan that he would like all of his students to have a traditional "Training Inro" to be worn at their side to simulate the Inro worn by the Samurai many years ago. Sekiguchi Sensei loaned the Bukikan his very own "Training Inro" for several days so pictures and measurements could be taken from it, in order to produce the Inro he desired for his students.

The result is an Inro which simulates bamboo, representing Sekiguchi Sensei's Mon which is made up of bamboo leaves. The Mon adorns the front of the Inro and is deeply carve into the bamboo shaft. While the original inro was made of ivory, these are made of a Faux Ivory that has been antiqued thus keeping cost down. It is the desire of Sekiguchi Sensei that all of his students wear these proudly and he hopes that they appreciate the significance and simple beauty of a Japanese "Training Inro". While the main goal of the Bukikan is its dedication to the international Komei Jyuku, the Bukikan would be honored to design and produce "Training Inro" for any other schools who wish to have them.

Inro Inro Inro
Faux Ivory
Cord Included:
$40 USD
Free (Cont. U.S only)*
Delivery Estimate:
2 Weeks