Bog Oak - Dragonfly Series

We are proud to announce that the Komei Jyuku Bukikan will be producing an extremely limited production run of Ancient Bog Oak Bokutos. All will be to Sekiguchi Komei Sensei’s specifications, and all will be documented and papered by the Komei Jyuku Bukikan-Cho Matt Slape. Each piece will have special serial numbers and will also come with a certificate certifying that the board they were cut from is over 4,500 years old. These Bokuto’s will be known as our dragonfly series and will only reach a production run of 10 to 15 pieces depending greatly on how many are hiding in this ancient board. Each piece will truly be a work of art and history to be cherished and talked about for generations to come. These pieces are for the true Japanese Collector and Enthusiast and a once in a life time chance to own a piece of Ancient History.

Ancient Bog Oak is found in the huge peat bogs on the Irish landscape. The wood has been preserved due to very unique conditions in the bogs which waterlog the wood keeping it free of oxygen and sunlight so there is no chance for decay. The unusual chemistry of the bog water reacts with the wood to change its color to a dark chocolate brown almost black in areas. The bogs have literally become a time capsule preserving a prehistoric oak. This will be the only board of Ancient Bog Oak the Bukikan will ever get due to the extreme rarity and price. Every scrape of this board will get used even in making some special sword stands. The price for these Bokuto’s will be $2,000.00.

All Bog Oak bokuto will be using the 古道 (Kodo) Series process.

Below are images of the plank of bog wood that we acquired. You can click them for a high resolution image.

Bog Oak Bog Oak Bog Oak Bog Oak Bog Oak Bog Oak Bog Oak Bog Oak Bog Oak Bog Oak
Blade Length:
33.4 inches
Tsuka Length:
11.5 inches
0.5 inch
Wood Type
Bog Oak
$2,000 USD
Will invoiced separately depending on weight of order
Delivery Estimate:
6-8 Weeks

Note: if you want other measurements/lengths/specifications than what is shown above, be sure to use our Custom Request Form.


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